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Sweet Attitude
Fashion Cooking, a blog exclusively for girls !
This week, Sweet Bordeaux puts the spot on the Fashion Cooking Blog! Anne-Sophie Richard is 26 years old, red-head, and passionate about cooking! Her nickname could be Bree Van de Kamp, THE cooking expert in "Desperate…
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Dégustation Sweet Bordeaux
Recette Sweet Bordeaux Riz et poulet Biryani épicés
Sweet music
Sporto Kantès, from rock to electro music
These two French gentlemen come from the French rock scene and are playing electro music. A good thing for us ! The Sporto Kantès group was born in 1998, the alliance of Benjamin Sportès who played…
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Bouteilles Sweet Bordeaux
Men and women
Château Crabitan-bellevue: tradition in modernity
Nicolas Solane perpetuates the family tradition at Château Crabitan-Bellevue in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont. This family of winegrowers has been welcoming visitors for more than forty years on its property to share its passion for Sweet Bordeaux wines.…
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Sweet Cocktails
Sweet wine & cherry cocktail
For 1 glass : Mellow wine A few drops of bitter cherry Prucia 2/3 oz Lemon zest
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Sweet Moment
Tasting advices
Wine tasting: the palate
Video transcription: « Hello, I’m going to tell you about the third and the final stage of the tasting. After going over the visual phase and the olfactory phase. It’s now time for the gustatory phase.…
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Recipe of spicy Noodles Sweet Bordeaux
Paysage Sweet Bordeaux
Pairing wines with food
Crispy Curried Salmon with Corn, Tomato and Mango
Lynn Gowdy is an American based in Bordeaux. On her blog Savor the Harvest she shares her wine and gastronomic favorites. The latest? The marriage of flavors with Sauternes wines. Lynn offers us one of…
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Sémillon: For exceptional Sweet Bordeaux wines
Louis Bordenave, engineer at the Institute of Sciences of the Vine and Wine, says that Semillon is the best grape variety to create great sweet Bordeaux wines. Sweet Bordeaux‘s perfection simply comes from the nature…
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Cartes appellations Graves Supérieures Cérons Barsac Sauternes Bordeaux Supérieur Côtes de Bordeaux Saint-Macaire Sainte-Croix-du-Mont Loupiac Cadillac Premières Côtes de Bordeaux Les Bordeaux Supérieur

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