Sweet Bordeaux : a unique situation in the world ! South of Bordeaux, along the Garonne River, a micro climate is behind the secret of Sweet Bordeaux wines: Botrytis cinerea. This special fungus leads to sugar-filled grapes with unique flavors. Depending on the terroir, a Sweet Bordeaux wine will have a golden yellow color and ripe fruit aromas, endowed with a sleek and unctuous finish and liqueur qualities which amplify all of the aromas’ characteristics.

Served between 8° and 10°C, you are going to enjoy a Sweet Bordeaux during cocktails with appetizers like anchovies, chorizo​​, Serrano ham, tapas, prune-ham rolls, chinese rolls…

During a meal, Sweet Bordeaux wines can be paired with sour, fruity, spicy, exotic dishes and also cheese, pies, sorbet or fruit salad, as well as fish, chicken and white meat.

Sweet Bordeaux wines can be stored for many years, which will, over time enrich their flavors !

Cadillac, Sauternes, Loupiac, Barsac, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, Graves supérieures, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Côtes de Bordeaux Saint Macaire, Cerons et Bordeaux Supérieur

10 appellations, 10 ways to be Sweet Bordeaux !

Map of sweet appellation