Sweet Wine Course #8 – Sweet with desserts

Video transcription:

” Hello, I’m going to tell you about pairings between Sweet Bordeaux wines and desserts. So, the sweetness of desserts goes perfectly well with the sweetness of wines.
It’s like stepping into a treat world, voluptuous, sensual. All desserts, fruit based, acidic, refreshing like apricot or citrus fruit, but also desserts that are slightly bitter made with almond or coffee, suit very well. The contrast of flavors is going to be the key to the success of your pairings. The contrast will give some relief to the wine and will avoid any heavy feeling. If your dessert is sweet to start with and that there is no contrast, it’s through the preparation, by adding contrasting agents such as basil, Sichuan pepper or even ginger, that you’ll be able to play on opposition. So I’m going to give you a few desserts that go well with Sweet Bordeaux wines. It can be a pear or an apple cooked with ginger, an exotic fruit soufflé, why not a passion fruit sorbet, a citrus fruit sorbet, a rhubarb tart, a citrus fruit and orange blosom salad, so, in this case it is better to pick a Sweet Bordeaux which is, acidic and fresh or a liqorous wine which has a nice freshness. With just fruit or fruit tarts, what you really need is a lightness pairing. The fresh and fruity flavors of the wine, will balance each other really well with the natural flavours of the fruit. The contrast between the sweetness of the wine and the liveliness of the fruit is a really nice example of harmony. Some other desserts can also be suggested, more decadent desserts, maybe a little bit richer, broad bean (Fava bean) macaroons,,Cannelés, or even a bitter chocolate tart.,Here it’s better to go towards,more flavored Sweet Bordeaux, fuller,,more concentrated,nwith flavors such as spices, caramel or even candied fruit.nIn chocolate, a bitterness can be found that contrasts really well with the wine.nGenerally, with desserts that are rich, and sticky in the mouth, it is better to pick Sweet Bordeaux wines that are full-bodied and quite generous. Aside from desserts, you can also enjoy an old Sweet Bordeaux vintage,bon its own after a meal to be able to appreciate the full complexity and the full flavour intensity. See you soon for another episode and for new pairings. ”