Sweet Wine Course #7 – Surprises with cheese

Video transcription:

« Hello, I’m going to tell you about pairings of Sweet Bordeaux and cheeses. So, contrary to popular belief, cheeses go very well with white wines and especially with sweet white wines. Indeed, it is frequent practice and rightfully so to pair cheeses with fruity and sweet ingredients. Fresh fruit for example, apples, pear, dried fruit such as nuts or also even jam. The choice of the wine will depend on the taste and the texture of the cheese. The texture is linked to two things: the ripeness and also the type of mix. The mixed chesses such as Stilton, the Gorgonzolas, the Blues or also the Roqueforts, the refined and mature cheeses such as the old Comté cheeses or an old Cantal, a dried goat’s cheese or even an old Parmesan. Those cheeses with a strong personality go perfectly well with Sweet Bordeaux that are rich, concentrated and that have a great flavour intensity. The mixed, salty and bitter cheeses notably because of mould, the texture can be a bit sharp. This calls for Sweet Bordeaux that are concentrated very aromatic and also quite sweet to re-balance the palate on one hand but also to be able to resist the intensity of the cheese. The bitterish and dry character of the Parmesan of also of goat’s cheese, need exactly the same sweetness, and in that pairing, the Sweet Bordeaux will reveal all its freshness. firm cheeses such as Comté or young Cantal, the Laguioles, the Beauforts but also sheep’s cheese, are cheeses that have a skin that is dense and compact with a fruity taste, that will go perfectly well with Sweet Bordeaux wines that are a bit lively and very aromatic. The fat of sheep’s cheese and the firm texture call for a soft but fresh wine to re-establish a nice balance in the mouth. An expressive, long in the mouth Sweet Bordeaux will exhale and highlight the fruity notes of a young Comté or even the floral and fresh herbs hints of a young Laguiole. See you very soon for another episode on food and wines pairings. »