Sweet Wine Course #4 – Perfect during cocktail hour

Video transcription:

« Hello, I’m going to tell you about the Sweet Bordeaux served for an apéritif. So the apéritif is the ultimate convivial time, a relaxing time a time we want to share with friends, with someone we love or with family. Sweet and balanced, the Sweet Bordeaux wines are very easy to drink so you contribute to that enjoyable time and to an immediate well-being. On top of that pleasure, it makes you feel full which allows those who don’t want to snack too much before a meal to calm the appetite. So contrary to popular thinking, drinking a Sweet Bordeaux on a new palate, that is to stay before eating, well it won’t alter the tasting that follows at all, on the contrary it will allow you to appreciate the wine’s aromatic bouquet. So which wine for an aperitif? I advise you to open either a soft wine, fresh and fruity or a liqorous wine which is lively and fresh. Serving a Sweet Bordeaux for an apéritif is simple and convivial at the same time. Simple because you have friends who come unexpectedly and you can open a bag of roasted almonds and you’re in for a treat with a Sweet Bordeaux. Or if you want to do something a bit different you can serve a Sweet Bordeaux with slightly more original tapas. Let me give you a few examples, we’ve just talked about dried fruit, but it can also be an aubergine caviar canapé, Foie gras canapés.In that case your Sweet Bordeaux will be lively and fresh and will refresh the fat brought by the fruit, by the dried fruit or by the foie gras’ fat. Another example, spicy bites, a duck breast kebab with mango slices or saffron ferns . The aromatic persistence of the Sweet Bordeaux will not only, not only is already very interesting, but will also allow to compete with the strong flavours of the spice and the aromatic persistence of the mango and why not goat’s cheese samosas with some onion confit or even chicken wings marinated in soya. Here, in the dish you have a contrast between the sweet and savoury, and the sweetness of the wine will reinforce that contrast already present in the dish. I will see you for another episode, for more food and Sweet Bordeaux pairings. »