Christmas Recipes – Scallops roasted in Sweet Bordeaux wine

Are you looking for top tips and great cooking ideas to host the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners ever? Step by step, our Chef teaches you, in video, how to prepair roasted scallops in Sweet Bordeaux wine, with parsnip purée.

Sweet Bordeaux wines are 10 appellations : Cadillac, Sauternes, Loupiac, Barsac, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, Graves supérieures, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Côtes de Bordeaux Saint-Macaire, Cérons et Bordeaux Supérieur.

Video transcription:

« Hello ! Today let’s work with scallops. For this recipe we need, of course some scallops, two red onions, a candied lemon, the zest of an organic orange, some parsnip, a small leek, some salt, some pepper, some Véra sweet chili and some single cream. To start this recipe, let’s first of all peel and chop the parsnip To turn it into a creamy sauce. Let’s chop them into small cubes and cook them in some slightly salted water. We’re going to cook the red onions slightly, they’re going to be turned into small dishes. Then, let’s take the candied lemon, like this. Let’s remove the pulp. Here, let’s grate the zest, the pulp on the zest and it comes off easily. Let’s cut into strings and then brunoise-style the candied lemon. Now, I’m moving onto the orange zest. With the small zester, let’s make the orange turn on the grater and add it to the candied lemon. I keep it aside. Our parsnips are well cooked, they can be mashed with a fork. I’m now adding the candied lemon to the orange zest, I crush a little bit and I add the single cream. Let’s add salt and pepper if needed. This mash can be cooked a bit more so it becomes like a compote. With the leek, we’re going to make nice strings. We’re going to use this white part of the leek. I’m removing the back and cut it into small strings. In a boiling pan, I add some olive oil and a bit of butter. Here they are, our scallops. Let’s put salt and pepper on them. I’m going to place the scallops on the salt and pepper side, this way. I’m going to add the chopped leeks. I’ll leave the scallops to brown on one side, and then I’m just going to turn it. The leeks, let’s remove them, Turn the heat off and deglaze with the Sweet Bordeaux I am going to leave the sauce to reduce lightly, take a bit of Véra chili.  They are cooked. And here, I left the sauce to reduce. I place my plate like this and I do a big zigzag. Look, I will emphasize the move. I am going to place the scallops. We are going to put the leek. And we are going to finish by adding sauce in our little reciepients, made with red onions. Voilà, we finished our scallops dish with Sweet Bordeaux This was the main dish. I am going to say « bon appétit » Make te most of the festive season to work on scallops with Sweet Bordeaux ! »