Christmas Recipes – Cake Pops with Blue Cheese and Pistachio Nuts

Are you looking for top tips and great cooking ideas to host the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners ever? Step by step, our Chef teaches you, in video, how to prepair cake pops with blue cheese.

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Video transcription:

« It’s apéro time! And with a Sweet Bordeaux wine, what can I serve? Well, we’re going to try and make a Christmas apéro, because it is the festive season after all, to keep the Christmas spirit with the Sweet Bordeaux, we’re going to make ourselves a cheese Pops, rolled in pistachio and then we can enjoy the Sweet Bordeaux. For this recipe, we need: sandwich bread, pistachios, some blue cheese, single cream, melted butter and of course the small sticks. Shall we start? First, the sandwich bread. You remove the crust, this way. And we’re only really going to use the middle part. I’m going to put it in the salad bowl, I crumble it a little bit. It will be easier to put together. I’m going to pour the butter and work it. I leave the butter to really go into the bread and I’m going to make small balls. Here you go, I put my first bread ball down. Knowing that for the start of the meal, cheese can be interesting and especially a nice idea to enjoy a Sweet Bordeaux. We place our little bread balls on a kitchen towel, perfect! We’re going to heat up our cream with the cheese. While the cheese is melting, we’re going to crush the pistachios slightly. The pistachios are crushed, we just need to wait for the cheese to melt. Now, we can use our bread ball. We push our small stick into it and we create lollipops. Now, I’m going to cover the small ball with cheese, this way. We finish the pops with the pistachio and it’s super good for the apéritif. Let me tell you: have a great festive season with the Sweet Bordeaux! The pops, the Sweet Bordeaux… what to choose… I don’t know! Good bye and see you next time. »