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fusion food
fusion food

January 21, 2016

Trendy cooking, fusion food !

We are currently finding new kinds of food everywhere: at the restaurant, on TV and even at home… The new trend today is fusion food, based on culinary traditions from all over the world.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a « grand chef » to cook your own fusion food! There’s only one rule : the food has to be good and surprising ! Try it out and mix different kinds of food !

Add spices like ras el hanoout, tandoori spices or Thai, etc.. ; and sauces such as fish sauce, sweet & sour, wasabi…  cook everything in a wok, a tajine, etc… Don’t hesitate, mix flavors, colors and cultures in one dish, you will enjoy this yummy result !

Nowadays, you can easily find interesting preparations in your local grocery store (i.e.: cooked juices with different flavours :carrot, grapefruit, rose and ginger; rum-vanilla jelly with chip seaweed, honey you can use while cooking vegetables, etc..)

Add a glass of Sweet Bordeaux and enjoy the pairing with these exotic flavors!

Surprise your next guest by creating a world fusion dish !