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cooking tablet
cooking tablet

March 1, 2016

The tablet : your new cookware!

“What shall I cook tonight?”

Far from traditional cookbooks, you’ll find your answer on the internet! Many people visit websites and food blogs looking for recipes. Once they find one, they put their computer in the kitchen and begin to cook. But that’s not convenient especially with flour, sugar and other liquids lurking around, which can “hurt” your laptop!

Today, cooking geeks are happy : two years ago, QOOQ launched the first tablet designed to be a cooking assistant. This tablet is solid, resistant and can survive the “dangers” of the kitchen. It’s also practical and can be cleaned with a sponge!

A couple days ago, the second version of QOOQ was launched, offering all the functionalities of a normal tablet (internet, email, video, music, photos, and so on). However, it provides access to culinary content: interactive recipes, tutorials, automatic shopping lists, quantity adjustment calculation depending on the number of guests and even food and wine pairing.

The 350 wine tips provide a lot of information about wines in order to pair them with food. Ideal to discover a whole range of recipes that can be paired with a Sweet Bordeaux !
Other culinary digital tools have emerged like Almights board, a cooking tablet, which is an intelligent cutting board. At first sight, this is a simple design cutting board, with an internet access… but actually it’s full of surprises : the tablet weighs food thanks to an integrated scale and checks whether or not the food is safe to eat.

We are looking forward to seeing the cutting iPlanche which is still in draft form … One thing is certain, the future of cooking will definitely be high-tech!