Sweet spirit

January 5, 2015

Maud Chalard, a photographer So Sweet!

Maud Chalard, 24 yrs, is a young French photographer. In this digital age, she is still uses silver. Her photographs capture the intimacy of couples and youth. To be discovered urgently!

We feel welcome in Maud Chalard’s photo, it feels like being invited to contemplate her own intimacy. In her blog, the young woman plays simplicity. Photos are connected without legend, only ranked by the votes on Tumblr.

At Sweet Bordeaux, we like the way the young photographer captures the essence of these couples. Black and White or color, grainy silver images exude sweetness. For Maud Chalard, passionate love is always intense but still soothing.

Like her co-photographer Theo Gosselin, Maud Chalard captures the moments that closely breathe eternity. Passion, sweetness, craft techniques: if the photos of Maud Chalard were a wine, it would essentially be a Sweet Bordeaux! And you, are you touched by these photos?


Maud Chalard, une photographe So Sweet !