Sweet spirit

May 5, 2013

Love Song from Vanessa Paradis

The Sweet Bordeaux love « Love Songs », main song from Vanessa Paradis‘ latests album. « From love, I know nothing » echoes the ex-lolita’s voice smooth rhythm half English half french…

The tone is light and the melody is festive and will make you want to run to a Sweet Event to wiggle on the dance floor!

The star released her sixth album in May 2013. It’s called « Love Song. » There are twenty songs arranged and produced by Benjamin Biolay. The singer and actress released her first album in 1988. It’s not her first attempt and this sixth album is a success! The Sweet Bordeaux want some more!

Vanessa Paradis sings live during a tour not to be missed during autumn 2013. Don’t forget it and look for her concert in a city close to you… And until then listen to « Love Song »! And move!