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sweet bordeaux slunch
sweet bordeaux slunch

March 1, 2016

Let’s slunch next Sunday !

Eggs, bacon, bread, pastries, fresh fruits and drinks… You obviously know the traditional Sunday morning brunch! The concept is a little old-fashioned… but a new culinary phenomenon is settling-in: the slunch!

Usually starting at 5pm on Sunday, slunch is a new snack moment which turns into a dinner at the end. While brunch which stands for “breakfast” and “lunch”, slunch is a mix between “supper” (dinner) and “lunch”! Slunch is a fun moment which prevents you from the usual Sunday depression.

During a slunch, we start with cakes, pancakes, waffles… and later, with savory food such as ham, cheese, wine (Sweet Bordeaux, of course!), pies and other finger food! There are no rules for a slunch, but it’s important to have fun! Traditionally, slunch end at 10pm, early enough to feel rested on Monday morning.

Get a funny weekend end and try the slunch concept!