Sweet spirit

January 29, 2014

Geek and winemaker: The vitirover is for you!

« No, I’m not playing on my smartphone, I’m taking care of my vines! ». It’s a sentence we tend to hear more and more amongst the Sweet Bordeaux vineyards! The voracious mower at the foot of the vines is long gone, a Gironde company has developed the Vitirover, a revolutionary micro-robot mower.
Working thanks to solar power and guided by mobile phone, the Vitirover offers an environment-friendly deweeding. Small, autonomous and precise, the Vitirover gives winemakers a solution to manage grass, without chemical deweeding products and which respects the earth. What else could you ask for? Moreover, the Vitirover has won the jury’s special prize during the last Vinitech Sifel professional fair.
When will we see a version of Candy Crush which does the harvesting?