Sweet spirit

January 26, 2016

Enjoy a Sauternes in Chicago

While the winemaker David Siozard toured the United States, we suggest you drink a sweet white wine from Bordeaux in Chicago. Where ? At Les Nomades of course! Enjoy a gourmet meal inspired by French, Spanish, English and Vietnamese cuisines, along with a glass of Sauternes.

Déguster un Sauternes à Chicago - Nomade

Les Nomades, a culinary journey

Restaurant located in Chicago, Les Nomades offers amazing dishes with a penchant for French cuisine open to the world. There, one can eat Roquefort snails, braised Wagyu beef, gourmet paella, ricotta crème brûlée or a praline layer cake. Of course, there’s no French-inspired cuisine without French wine. Mary Beth Liccioni and Chef Roland Liccioni, the owners, have a choice of Sauternes on their wine list, with more than a dozen references: « We attempt to provide something for everyone in our wine selections. Our wine list offers about 1000 selections and represent varying styles and price ranges to accommodate most guests », they tell us.

The food and wine pairing at Les Nomades restaurant

At Les Nomades the wine list is in line with the menu. There are wines from around the world, and the sweet white wines of Bordeaux are well represented. « We choose wines based both on their appeal as expected by the guests and upon their appropriateness to the cuisine we serve.  Sweet wines, particularly Sauternes from Bordeaux are often served along with Foie Gras, cheese course, and dessert ». Sweet Bordeaux wines are well appreciated throughout the meal, what gives you ideas!