Sweet spirit

March 26, 2015

A Sauternes “So Fresh”

The « SO Perrier » what is it? An innovative long drink, a surprising association and a new way of drinking aSauternes. If we judge by the interest in this cocktail, particularly in Paris, one can say that it will be trendy this summer.

The « SO Sauternes », Sauternes differently

SO Sauternes is a Sweet Bordeaux wine created by three famous châteaux of Sauternes. Prepared in accordance with the expertise of sweet white wines of Bordeaux, the SO Sauternes is a wine in which the priority was given to the expression of the fruit.

The meeting of Perrier and Sauternes

It is in a very glamorous cocktail two French flagship drinks meet: Perrier sparkling water and the fruity sweetness of Sauternes wines. « So Perrier » magnifies the flavors of the wine and gives it freshness, thanks to the pop of the Perrier bubbles. Watch your taste buds!

Here is the recipe of « SO Perrier » :

Fresh and light version: half SO Sauternes and half Perrier.
Aromatic and generous version: two-thirds of SO Sauternes and a third of Perrier.