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sweetbordeaux the selby attitude
sweetbordeaux the selby attitude

March 1, 2016

A new-yorker in your kitchen

Let’s take a look or two on pages you will find on the The selby website: it’s the Todd Selby‘s showcase, a photographer and above all New Yorker, because yes, it matters!

You will be able to see portraits, photos of various trendy and creative interiors… On some days, he’s a reporter for the New York Times T Magazine and The Observer Magazine, or even a fashion photographer, for Vogue.

His latest idea? He published “Edible Selby”, a book in collaboration with the NY Times T Magazine, available only in English. Todd Selby’s eye has found unusual and photogenic actors of the food business, from New York to Melbourne but also London or Copenhagen. That will be of interest to connoisseurs and perhaps inspire them…

Todd Selby started in 2008, when the photographer was only working for friends. In a few days, the Internet took over his new website, which reached over 100,000 unique visitors daily. Many prestigious partnerships followed: Nike, Louis Vuitton, Habitat, IKEA, Microsoft… which led to a book in 2010: “The Selby is in your place”. It’s now in your kitchen!