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5 reasons to pair Dreyer's ice cream with Sweet Bordeaux!
5 reasons to pair Dreyer's ice cream with Sweet Bordeaux!

March 1, 2016

5 reasons to pair Dreyer’s ice cream with Sweet Bordeaux!

During Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival, Sweet Bordeaux wine makers will get visitors to taste sweet wines with DREYER’S D-COLLECTION® ICE CREAM. Pairing wine and ice cream? Find it strange? Here is five good reasons to get enthusiastic about it!

  1.  Sweet Bordeaux wines are French sweet white wines, when it comes to good food, French knows what they are talking about. So if they pair Dreyer’s ice cream and wine, they can’t be wrong!
  2.  Sweet Bordeaux wines are perfect when served at 12°C. A great creamy ice-cream and a glass of cool Bordeaux white wine is a beautiful match!
  3. Sweet Bordeaux wines display great fruity and natural flavours. Fancy a Key Lime Pie Dreyer’s ice cream with a glass of Sweet Bordeaux wine full of exotic fruit natural flavours?
  4. Elaborated is the beautiful region of Bordeaux, Sweet Bordeaux wines are made with the carefully hand-picked grapes. They can’t but mate with Dreyer’s ice-cream elaborated with carefully selected wholesome ingredients.
  5. And finally, there is no best argument than the sheer pleasure of enjoying two great treats at the same time! Share this moment with good friends and you’ve reached perfection!