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How to keep a Sweet Bordeaux

Video transcription:

« Hello, I’m going to tell you about the serving temperature of the Sweet Bordeaux and also about their conservation. It’s very important to taste the Sweet Bordeaux at the right temperature. For the youngest vintages, the ideal temperature is between 9 and 11 °C. When it comes to vintages that are a bit older, you can taste them at slightly higher temperatures, 12-13°C and that way you can make the most of all of their aromatic richness. The old vintages can also be poured in a carafe beforehand that will allow for aeration of the wines and to better appreciate the aromatic bouquet and all the intensity of the aromas that those wines contain. You have opened a bottle of Sweet Bordeaux and you haven’t drank it all. Don’t worry, the Sweet Bordeaux, contrary to dry white wines, keep very well. You can keep them in the fridge for up to one month without damaging them, as indeed, the cold will reduce the degradation process. If most of the bottle has been drunk, it would still be better to pour the remaining of the wine into a smaller bottle and to close tightly the bottle with a cork. Maybe you want to keep a Sweet Bordeaux for an event, a birthday, or simply you bought a wine from your child’s birth year, and you want to wait until they turn 18 to open it. Know that the Sweet Bordeaux are wines that keep very well. You should just respect the classic wine conservation norms, so, in a cellar, if possible, or in a refrigerated closet if you don’t have access to a cellar, 12-14°C, what is important is to have a constant temperature. A hygrometry, that is to say a humidity degree between 60 and 70%. Also be careful to have a place or a refrigerated closet that is deprived of smells, vibrations, that is well ventilated and above all keep the bottles lying down so that there is always a contact tetween the wine and the cork. So, young or after several years, the Sweet Bordeaux are always wines that are very, very pleasant to drink. »


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