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« Hello, together let’s go over the dishes that go well with the Sweet Bordeaux Fish, crustaceans, poultry or white meats, everything goes well with the Sweet Bordeaux. Only red meats are still resisting. In addition to the dish, what is important to take into account with a pairing is the preparation method, or even the cooking process. The first principle of a pairing is to respect the balance in terms of intensity in terms of strength. The second principle can be to pair in particular according to a contrast. To echo the sweetness of the wine, dishes that are acidic, spicy, peppery, sweet or savoury are perfect. A good pairing is to always respect the fact that a wine should not rule over the dish and that the dish should not rule over the wine. So which wine to choose across the different cuisine? A wine that is rather aromatic, a liquorous wine that is rather aromatic, strong and rich with a cuisine which is flavoured and spicy. It is better to choose a liquorous wine a bit less concentrated for a light or even acidic cuisine. The type of cuisine that goes well with Sweet Bordeaux wines is a spicy cuisine, an Asian cuisine, an Indian cuisine where there will be a contrast between the spice and the sweetness of the wine. A caramel pork dish with four spices, a fish curry, cumin chicken, here, the sweetness of the wine will attenuate the fire of the spices and the chilli. While delaying the spicy side, the Sweet Bordeaux will reveal the aromas of the dish’s spices, and then the sweet sensation, perception of the wine will be diminished. There can be another type of cuisine the sweet/savory cuisine, that can be found in Maghreb food and also in Chinese food. There, the contrast is already in the dish: Sweet and savory. Why not a lamb tagine and confit lemon, a spicy duck or roasted duck, or a pork filet with honey? The contrast is already in the dish, we have the sweet, the savory and the sweetness of the wine just highlights, in fact, this clever and delicate balance that already exists in the dish. Another good example of cuisine that goes well with Sweet Bordeaux wines is Japanese cuisine or Scandinavian cuisine such as for example sushi, I’m also thinking of a gravlax salmon with an avocado mousse. There, the aromatic persistence of the Sweet Bordeaux will compete with the iodized, smoked, very intense notes of those dishes. The soft texture of a salmon for example, will be balanced with the sweetness of the wine and this roundness of the wine will also highlight the saltiness of the dishes. Another possibility, an acidic cuisine. For example, all marinated dishes, a fish ceviche, scallops with a citrus based sauce or even poultry livers with a raspberry sauce. There we have the acidity, or rather the acidic side of the dish which will contrast with the sweetness of the wine. So that fresh, acidic structure, will contrast with the sweetness of the wine, will highlight the Sweet Bordeaux. The unctuous quality of the wine will soften the lively character of the citrus fruit or even vinegar. Then for the all-sweet lovers, you can also pair a Sweet Bordeaux with skimmed dishes, a little bit rich, such as, for example veal sweetbreads. See you very soon for another episode on food and Sweet Bordeaux pairings. »


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