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September 3, 2014

Francis Desqueyroux, ever more Sweet Bordeaux!

The co-manager of the Desqueyroux et fils vineyards chose to expand the size of his land dedicated to sweet wines. That way, he hopes to adapt to an ever-changing market.

The Desqueyroux have been wine-makers for seven generations. In other words, since the French Revolution. Work in the vines and the Sauternes et Graves Supérieures wine-making process have a long history of traditions here. Even if the new generation insists on staying connected with the current complex market of sweet wines. Out of the farm’s ninety hectares of vines situated in the commune of Budos, thirty-five are dedicated to sweet wines. The two wines, Château Saint-Vincent en Sauternes and Château Cherchy-Desqueyroux en Graves, are made 90% of Sémillon, 5 % of Sauvignon and 5 % of Muscadelle.

Hard work

“In order not to lose the markets, we must grow. We need volume to be able to exist« , the realistic winemaker tells us, while still maintaining quality. When Francis Desqueyroux took the lead of the family estate in 1990, it was only seven hectares. To get to the current ninety hectares, the winemaker naturally worked hard. And he will soon add another five hectares of botrytis grapes. « Despite our growth, we have never changed our work habits in the vineyard », he says. This is why many Sweet Bordeaux enthusiasts come and choose their wine directly at the property

Light wines for young people

The farmer has welcomed visitors for 20 years, « a habit », Francis Desqueyroux says. Along with his son Vincent, the winemaker hosts the wine enthusiasts in the middle of the cellar. « We keep it pure, real and our customers always congratulate us for that even if there are sometimes spider webs on the ceiling », he jokes. With the aim to adapt to the current market, the winemaker has created a range of products that suit the audience’s taste. « For the thirty-somethings, we make sweet, light wines, while older people like more liquorous wine« , Francis Desqueyroux states. The winemaker likes to recommend paring his sweet wines with poultry, fish in sauce or more sophisticated dishes, he himself likes to drink them in the most classical way possible: « with a bit of foie gras or salmon, this is how they taste the best! »