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December 8, 2017

A 2017 vintage very promising!


It is through a press release that the various AOC wines of Bordeaux have prepared a review of the 2017 vintage.

The April frost was a painful episode for the winemakers. It had not happened since 1991!

Nevertheless, the harvest is of quality.

The grapes were ripe very early in late August, allowing the botrytis (microscopic mushroom that sits on the seeds of overripe grapes) to settle on healthy grapes.

The harvest began early and the climatology was particularly beneficial allowing first successive manual tries very interesting.

The 2017 vintage of sweet white Bordeaux wines has pure aromas and beautiful concentrations of Botrytis.

The wines offer hints of fresh, exotic and citrus fruits.


The 2017 vintage promises to be elegant, and 2018 rich in novelties …