CCTV Maire de Sauternes
CCTV Maire de Sauternes

November 25, 2016

Sauternes and the Sweet Bordeaux wines on CCTV, the first Chinese television

On the occasion of the Wuhan Wine Festival, the Mayor of Sauternes was in Wuhan, China, in the Hubei Province. He was accompanying the Sweet Bordeaux wine delegation. During that trip, the Sauternes Cup project on the Wuhan racetrack was mentioned in the Chinese media.

Horse racing and Sweet Bordeaux in Wuhan

Jean-Michel Descamps is the Mayor of Sauternes and President of the Société des Courses de Bordeaux. With Chinese partners and in conjunction with the Consul General of France, he is working on the creation of an equestrian event on the Wuhan racecourse. Under the name of Sauternes Cup, this horse race would promote the wines of Sauternes and the Sweet Bordeaux.

Jean-Michel Descamps was interviewed by CCTV, the first Chinese television, with 1.2 billion viewers, or 95.6% of the population, and 87 channels worldwide.

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