Sweet Bordeaux et le Japon
Sweet Bordeaux et le Japon

September 29, 2016

Japanese journalists met the Sweet Bordeaux winemakers

On 20th September, 4 Japanese journalists spent the day in the sweet and fruity white wine vineyards of Bordeaux. They met winemakers and tasted the food and wine pairings prepared by the young chef Aurélien Crosato. Did you know that sweet wines pair especially well with vegetables?

Discovering the Sweet Bordeaux vineyard

A few days before the start of the harvest of the sweet wines of Bordeaux, the timing was perfect for a first visit to the vineyard. Four Japanese journalists, accompanied by a translator, were able to observe the natural phenomenon of botrytis, the origin of the aromatic concentration of these wines.

It was interesting for them to see the effects of botrytis on the cluster. We were able to explain the specificity of our wines and our terroir. I think they have largely been convinced by the wines they tasted“.

Sandrine Darriet, Darriet Vineyard.

Sweet Bordeaux, pairing with Japanese cuisine

During the visit, the journalists also tasted wines paired with some dishes. Junko Sakurai, a chef based in Bordeaux, worked on Japanese specialties. To accompany the sweet wines of Bordeaux, she had crafted appetizers: Umeboshi togan and shrimp, chicken skewer with yuzu or duck with sake and soy. The journalists have enjoyed a two lemon tart and a mango and passion fruit coulis panna cotta.

I wanted to show them that liqorous could be associated with both savory Japanese dishes and sweet desserts. They were really happy“.

Youmna Asseily, Biac Château

Journalists discovered other food and wine pairings. French chef Aurélien Crosato had worked on pairings with vegetables. The Japanese journalists were able to enjoy eggplant marinated with koji and roasted in the oven, grilled sweet corn and served with olive oil and Banyuls vinegar or a crunchy fennel salad with seared oranges and almond oil.

I started on the vegetables theme. The vegetables are well suited to associate with the Sweet Bordeaux wines. I worked from the Sweet Bordeaux tones. The pairings worked well, it was a great experience“.

Aurélien Crosato, Chef.

And you, have you ever tasted a sweet wine of Bordeaux with vegetables?