Sweet Bordeaux USA
Sweet Bordeaux USA

April 15, 2016

Sweet Bordeaux on tour in the USA from 25th to 28th April 2016

The Sweet Bordeaux are back in the United States. This time again, masterclasses are held on the US East Coast: Washington, New York and Miami. From 25th to 28th April 2016, it is an opportunity for the president of Sweet Bordeaux to let you discover the diversity of the appellations of sweet white wines of Bordeaux.

Sweet Bordeaux USA

Botrytis, the Sweet Bordeaux flagship argument

At each session, thirty wine professionals will be invited viagra recherche. The first approach is to present our region and its unique microclimate.

We talk about the unique harvests made thanks to Botrytis, we explain what the fungus responsible for the noble rot and the concentration of the Bordeaux sweet wines is“.

Philippe Dejean, President of Sweet Bordeaux.

And to finally charm the professionals, nothing like tasting a range of ten wines from the Sweet Bordeaux appellations. The goal is to show professionals looking for ideas that the variety of the sweet white wines of Bordeaux has its place on American tables.

We will start with the Sauternes (generic and crus classés) that Americans know best. Then we will make them taste Loupiac, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, Cadillac, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux and Graves Superior“.

Philippe Dejean, president of Sweet Bordeaux

Sweet Bordeaux masterclasses in Washington DC, Miami and New York

Getting Americans interested in all the Sweet Bordeaux appellations, “is a great work of ants!” smiles Philippe Dejean. “The United States are already connoisseurs of Sauternes, which is fine, we would now like to increase the consumption of sweet white wines in general“. The USA is the fourth biggest export market for Sweet Bordeaux and we must still create more demand. So Sweet Bordeaux put out some of its assets during the masterclasses organized throughout this American tour:

  • In Washington, DC (25th – 26th April, 2016):

On the 25th April, Brent Kroll, manager of the wine group Neighborhood Restaurant Group will be the leading man of the masterclass. He is a man used to the exercise of presentation since he regularly creates wine events. He will have the opportunity to make use of his detailed analysis of the Sweet Bordeaux.

On the 26th April, Sweet Bordeaux will visit wine merchants and sommeliers.

  • In Miami (27th April, 2016):

It will be the opportunity to discover the self-educated Heath Porter, manager and sommelier at Uvaggio wine bar. The multiple prize-winning sommelier builds his menus around wines with varied flavors. A perfect man to give ideas for pairing food with  sweet white wines of Bordeaux!

  • In New York (28th April, 2016):

This will involve food and wine tastings by 150 importers, wine merchants and sommeliers. A nice tasting with the sweet white wines of Bordeaux in perspective!

In the US, wines are served as dessert wines. Indeed, they can go with slightly sweet, sour and bitter desserts. But modern cuisine, especially the mix of cuisines, lets our wines return to the heart of consumption”.

Emma Baudry from Sweet Bordeaux

Exalting the taste buds of Americans is a challenge as great as the sweetness of the Sweet Bordeaux and at each visit to the USA, the charm works. The operation seduction of the sweet white wines in the United States is well and truly on!