Cadillac, Sauternes and Barsac: medals at the 2016 Sakura price
Cadillac, Sauternes and Barsac: medals at the 2016 Sakura price

March 7, 2016

Cadillac, Sauternes and Barsac: medals at the 2016 Sakura price

Bordeaux sweet white wines of all colors in Japan: silver, gold and double gold! On 14 February, 2016, the jury of the Sakura Prize, open to wines from around the world gave their verdict. The tasters awarded medals to Secret de Château de Biac 2010, Château Climens (2010 and 2006), Cyprés de Climens 2006 and Petit Guiraud 2012. A nice reward for these wines from the Cadillac, Sauternes or Barsac appellations.

2016 Sakura Price, a door onto Japan

The Sakura price has a peculiarity: its tasting panel is composed entirely of women. Its head is Yumi Tanabe, a true wine figure in Japan. This consultant received the French Order of Agricultural Merit in 2009. An honor for her contribution to the development of wine culture in Japan. This year, Yumi Tanabe led the 3rd edition of the Sakura Price. 3543 wine samples from around the world were tasted and 1498 rewarded. And among them, there is the Secret de Château Biac, appellation Cadillac, and which received a Double Gold Award.

It has been ten years since we took over the estate and we really try to make an excellent product. This prize surpassed our expectations. We do not have importers in Japan and we hope it will draw attention to our wines“. Youmna Asseily, owner of Château Biac

Same echo for Château Climens, which saw three of its Bordeaux sweet white wines rewarded. Although Château Climens is already present in Japan, its owners make this country a priority for the next two years.

“Japan has always been a big market for Bordeaux wines and for Sauternes. Yes, it takes a little explaining of our wines, botrytis, from where comes the concentration but they are people hungry for knowledge. For us, it’s really an interesting public”. Virginie Achou-Lepage, business development and communication – Château Climens.

Château Climens 2010 received a Gold Award, just like the Cyprés de Climens 2011, while Château Climens 2006 was awarded a Silver Award. Still in Sauternes, Petit Guiraud 2012 also won a Silver Award.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Sweet Bordeaux and Japanese cuisine

In 2016, Château Climens has two operations planned in Japan. During those trips, the idea will be make people taste the wines, but also to pair wine with food. Work is underway with officials to develop a whole meal that will marry the elegance and freshness of Château Climens, typical of the Barsac appellation:

We find tempuras very interesting. Ther crispiness and a little fat side works very well with the softness of our wines, there is a texture complementarity. The Japanese also cook a lot of fried fish. A lot of dishes work with our wines, it’s up to us to make them want to try“. Virginie Achou-Lepage, business development and communication – Castle Climens.

At Château Biac, they are also very interested in the complementarity between Cadillac wines and Japanese cuisine. For example, the fineness of the citrusy yuzu or subtlety of marinated fish complement the aromatic sweetness of the Sweet Bordeaux wines. With its award at Sakura Prize, Château Biac is also proud of highlighting the richness of the Sweet Bordeaux appellations:

In the world, people often know Sauternes and Barsac and do not know there are other appellations. This is interesting for the promotion of all sweet wines from the region to show the diversity“. Youmna Asseily, owner of Château Biac

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