February 26, 2016

The sweet white wines of Bordeaux on tour in the USA!

From 13th to 19th January 2015, David Siozard  from Siozard vineyards will go and meet American wine professionals. He will take with him 12 references including three sweet white wines of Bordeaux that he intends to make people taste (and buy) in the US.

A win-over challenge for a winemaker

From New York to Miami via Washington DC, Atlanta and New Orleans, David Siozard is going to engage in an intense road trip. Thousands of kilometers travelled by plane to convince American buyers that the sweet white wines of Bordeaux have their place on their table, just as red wines.

« I’m going there to present the entire range because there is a real demand for all Bordeaux wines. Among the 12 proposed references, I hope the liquorous ones will attract the interest of our customers ».
David Siozard, from Siozard vineyards

To convince American buyers, the Lugaignac winemaker will offer tasting of a Sauternes. The sweet white wine of Bordeaux appellation best known in the US. To expand the range, he will also offer a taste of a Graves Supérieures, and will take the opportunity to present  his 2014 Barsac, vinified in new barrels. The first vintage produced on his old plots of Barsac. A wine bottled at the end of January and is expected to attract customers by its finesse, its extreme ripeness and its good balance in the mouth.Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

« I have a dream » : breaking the tasting codes

For now, the US market is a niche for David Siozard. There, he only  sells 240  bottles in a year. But David Siozard is an optimistic winemaker, especially since the United States has faithful fans of sweet white wines of Bordeaux, they represent the fourth export market. David Siozard thus launches into a long work to help discover his wines and show that they can be drunk at any moment of the meal, not just at dessert.

« As an aperitif, during the meal, with dessert or even in the evening with a good film by the fire. Drinking it really represents pleasure acheter viagra en suisse. From the first sip, you immediately  feel like more ».
David Siozard, from Siozard vineyards

Attracting, charming and convincing with the sweet white wines of Bordeaux: one of the American battles of David Siozard is to « reconcile the customers with those fabulous wines ».